Workshop Insights


1. What topics will the activities cover?
The surveys will cover a variety of topics such as shopping habits, product preferences, concept development, and message testing.

2. How will my responses to the activities be used?
Your responses, along with responses from other community members, will serve as key input into strategic decisions and product development.

3. How frequently do I have to participate?
It is completely up to you! There is no minimum number of times you must participate in our surveys, and you can cancel your membership at any time.

4. How do I participate in activities with Workshop Insights?

As a member of Workshop Insights, all you have to do is watch your email for activity invitations. We’ll invite you to participate in activities we think you’ll be qualified for based on the profile you provided during registration. Activity invitations will include the topic of the study and the URL where you can access the activity on the web. You are never obligated to participate.